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Grandpa’s eulogy

On November 9, 2017 my grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer -- where is not important. He died in the earliest hours on November 11, two days later. This was the eulogy I read at his funeral My grandfather, Roy, was a man of incredibly few words. He was...

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Balak 5777

Balak 5777 Numbers 22:2-25:9 Micah 5:6-6:8 In my adolescence my dad had a condo in Rocky Point. We would go there, hit up the fish market, buy incredible fish and produce, go deep sea fishing, and cook up a storm. Honestly, there is no better ceviche than the one that...

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On Kathy Griffin

A few days ago (May 30?), famed shock comic Kathy Griffin released a photo of her holding a mold of Donald Trump's head. The fake head was covered in presumably fake blood, and she had a 1,000 mile stare into the camera. Basically, she had a Jon Snow moment. The...

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Emor, 5777

Emor Leviticus 21:1-24:23 There’s much to ponder in this parashah. Whether it’s the outlining of the festivals or the responsibilities one has when damaging another’s property; whether it’s the outlining of the priestly duties, or the suitability of animals for...

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Vayechi, 5777

Parshat Vayechi Genesis 47:28-520:26 5777 1/14/2017 I read a lot about Vayechi. About the generational lines, about the blessings skipping generations, about the reversal of the hands during the blessings -- again, about the potential irony of the name “Vayechi” which...

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Clippings Eddie Arriola Alone in field stood a Rosebush Its petals vibrant crimson Leaves emerald green Bees playfully rolled in its pollen The Florist came upon the Rosebush He loved the blooms as he knew how “Trust me” As he plucked them off for display In their...

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