Letter to the editor

I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper today. I hope it gets published.

Copy of it follows:

I am disappointed in the Star’s coverage of the protests against SB1070.  When I attended the protest the very first day, I did not see a single Mexican flag.  I did see at least 5 American flags at one point.  There were cars full of supporters driving loops around us waving American flags.  We even chanted “USA, USA, USA” and “Viva los Estados Unidos” at many points.

As a born citizen of this country, I am offended and frightened by the prospect of having to carry identification saying I was born here.  It reminds me of a sort of oppression that my great-grandparents fled from in the 1940’s.  I’d sooner be arrested for not showing proof of citizenship while out for a run or ride than succumbing to the powers that be, who presume me to not be a part of the country I love, based on my skin tone.

Edward Arriola

Contract is finalized

Well, I rode in to meet up with the regional manager today. My contract has been finalized and I should have a writing number tomorrow! I’m excited!

They want me to go up to Phoenix for some training on Friday, then back up for three days next week for sales training. I’m really excited about this. I have a few contacts which could lead to the start of my career with this company. In the meantime, I have a good amount of stuff to familiarize myself with (the three main plans and some informational stuff) and some miles to destroy on the road. Also have a dog to give some lovin’ to and a girlfriend to dote on.

Today is going to be glorious!


Massage Envy called me today (tomorrow is my last day there) and told me that my one client for tomorrow cancelled (he’s a repeat with my information who is likely to follow…) so they just took me off the books.

I’m free!!!

So I get to sleep in tomorrow. Then take a simulated insurance licensing exam, then take my exit paperwork and some bread I baked for my (now former) coworkers into that place I now no longer work. Then take that simulated exam again.

I have a couple other errands and tasks to do tomorrow, as well. A part of the rearview mirror on my bike broke off, so I have to replace that. I also want to lube the drivetrain, but I’m out of lube, so that needs picking up. My bike also needs the rear derailer cable replaced, although that’s not crucial (yet). Finally, it’s time to put the rear fender back on, as the weather could be soggy the next few days…I’ve been lazy about getting that back on for the past three months… Y’know how it is!

Been editing some photos in the very little spare time I have. Oh look, here’s one!

On a really serious note, while I’m happy to be leaving Massage Envy; happy to never have to deal with missing files, late clients, and idiotic scheduling mishaps, I’m really going to miss my coworkers.

Final week at Massage Envy!

I’ve been studying diligently (except for the past two days…brain recovery time!) for the insurance exam. The test is Friday in Tempe. I’m hoping to have lunch with a friend up there after I kick ass on the test and get my insurance license.

I’m slowly, steadily, making headway into eliminating my sleep deficit and starting to work out again. I’ve missed swimming…it’s terribly cathartic to feel the water against me as I push through it, breathing in a controlled, finite manner. The pool right by my house opened back up for the summer (through the fall). I’m really enjoying that convenience along with the familiar crew that lifeguards there. Great people, great times.

I’ve had some good photography, as well. Fire shoots are always fun and family shoots can really warm the cockles of your heart! I also have a good number of dates that I’m modeling at Art Institute, just for a little financial cushion.

It’s still hard to get my butt going and working out in the mornings, but it’s getting easier. The weather getting warmer helps immensely, although it does take a different kind of energy to exercise in warmth than it does in cold. I suppose I’ll only have to get used to exercising in warmth for a few weeks, no? Soon I’ll be exercising in heat. Searing, blistering, wonderful heat!

This is the last week of my tenure at Massage Envy. I hope both my shirts make it through the week. One of them is really on the fritz. They both have holes where they’re not supposed to, the edges of the sleeves are separating from the sleeves, the bottom right corner of the button part on the front has a hole, the top of the button part is frayed… They’re a mess. And Envy didn’t have a plan to replace them.

That’s enough whinging about that, though. Soon it will be irrelevant.

I’m excited for the new career. Really excited. My dad thinks it’s a good change. I had lunch with him the other day and told him what I could. It’s really good to have his support through this.

Two weeks

I’ve registered for the insurance test and will start studying today.

That means I turn in my 2 weeks today, as well.

I’ve also put together some information for my clients so they know a little about why I’m leaving and how to reach me. As much as Massage Envy would like to leave them in the dark about my departure, I cannot facilitate that. Servicing their needs and giving them as much information as possible are two predominant traits of a reasonably competent massage therapist, of which I fancy myself as being. Hell, I’d say I’m even a little more than reasonably competent!

The only issue I have today is that I seem to have misplaced one of the full-fingered riding gloves. It’s frakin’ chilly outside!

I had a great Bowenwork treatment yesterday. The first one I had (last week) was okay, but yesterday’s was amazing! I feel like my entire chest and lungs are far more open, like I can breathe deeper and the air I breathe actually goes deeper in my body. Great stuff!

More fantastic news: the pool right by my house is open again! I’ve missed the convenience of the pool and the crew that works it. I hope to start swimming more because of the seasonal re-opening. We’ll see what happens with the new job and how much time I’ll have, though.

Easter and beyond

Yesterday, I went to a small family dinner with Jacque. Her mom drove her grandma, Jacque, and me up to Phoenix to have dinner with her aunt and uncle. It was really nice. I quite enjoyed it — it’s not often I get ham!

Anywho, today’s quite a big day for me. I go in at 8 to get my study materials for my insurance license exam. Quite exciting. I’ll probably turn in my two-week notice by the end of the week, if not tomorrow. I’m also working on getting some brochures together to give my regular clients so they have all the information on why I’m leaving and advantages and disadvantages of following me independently and staying with Massage Envy.

It’s going to be quite an exciting day.

After the Aflac meeting, I’m hoping to drive home, then hop on my bike and ride in to work. After work, I want to ride to the salsa lesson…I could use some blood pumping in my veins to start the week. Sadly, my Massage Envy career resembles the work shirts they gave me: falling apart with no move to improve upon them on their part. I haven’t had a replacement uniform in the over two years I’ve been with them! Sad.

I really want to be successful with Aflac. I have some ideas on how to inspire confidence and hope with small, local companies. I just need to talk to my soon-to-be managers and trainers.

To be honest, I have quite a bit of respect for them. As I’ve said before, it will be quite nice to have a manager who knows more about the industry I’m working in than I do. For 5+ years, my managers have known considerably less about massage than I. Changing careers is, I suppose, one way to switch it up some!

No witty titles

First thing’s first.

I officially accepted the invitation to join Aflac.

I go in Monday to get my study materials and figure out the next step in working for them and getting licensed.

This. Is. Huge. Or, as Joe Biden would put it, “It’s a big fucking deal.”

I bought some new pedals for my bike, double sided SPD pedals. I only bought them for the cleats, as they were $20, the same price as Shimano branded cleats. For those not in the know (I was one of them last week!), pedals come with their own cleats.

I’m now waiting for some shoes I ordered to come in, then I’ll return all of Cody’s stuff (bike and shoes). I have about 1.5-2 weeks before it all comes in.

They say everyone who rides clipless falls at some point. Well, I still haven’t fallen while riding clipless. That said, I did have a spill while adjusting the release tension in the pedals.

In the garage.

At a standstill…

Got that out of the way!

I’m excited to ride my Xtracycle clipless tomorrow. Maybe even tonight! The weather is gorgeous, 55º outside (Fahrenheit, not Celsius!). I intend to get to the pool tomorrow.

Speaking of exercise, I took Marco to the wash again today. First, we went for a run anywhere from 1.5-3 miles, not sure as I can’t google-map it out due to the fact it’s not on a road. Then we went down into the wash, I took off my shoes and socks, and we tromped around in the water. He had such a good time. I did, too. He really is a great dog. I wish I could take him off leash just to see how he would react on his own…someday…someday.

I’m so nervous for Monday. I hope I can ride my bike there to blow off some energy and get my brain working. I don’t really anticipate a problem with that. I’ll ask the manager…wait, no. He won’t be in until that day. I’ll just do it and hope for the best. Assuming I’m not too tired to bike that early on Monday. 8AM appointments can be difficult for me.

I’m really putting off editing photos. I need to get on it, but I’m too busy resting! Tomorrow…maybe. Sunday, definitely.