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Wow, I’m really not updating this as much as I would like to.

Jacque and I broke up a while ago. A good while ago. We’re still really close and I’m terribly glad to have her as a friend. We run into each other a lot and go out a lot still, but the context has changed. I’m actually really glad to have dated her, despite us breaking up. We ended up closer than we’ve ever been and I really got to see how amazing of a person she is.

Aflac is going well…well enough, at least. I’ve finally conquered my fear of prospecting and having business owners/decision makers shoot me down. That was a tough one to beat. I also landed my first employee presentation on my own. Next step is getting to the enrollment. Quite exciting! I’m also working on a few clients, on should be really good, the other should be really fun.

I had an amazing date last night. We met on OKCupid. She is a really, really amazing person. I picked her up and we immediately hit it off conversationally. She’s the lead singer in a band, majored in vocal performance, is a runner and cyclist, dancer (swing, rumba, chacha, tango), etc. etc. etc. We went to karaoke (her choice, perfect!) and start the singing. Her voice is sublime. Luckily, I was pretty on with my singing, as well.

Her favorite song that I sang was a mariachi song about heartbreak and pain. It’s one of my favorite songs ever. We also did a little duet from Grease (not Summer Nights, dear lord…) and both sang some rock, jazz, and whatnot.

It was just a fantastic night with great conversation and someone who could have potential. Whether or not we end up together, I met a great person. I do have a couple more hopefuls from the site to check out, so there is more to be done, but we’ll see.

I have a couple photos added to my modeling site. There was a huge fiasco on getting those! Basically, I ended up going to a shootout event hosted by someone who tried to start some internet drama with me years ago. Said person stole one of my images in order to promote an event for pay and refused to own up to the fact that she committed copyright theft. Well, at this event she asked me why I thought she was in the wrong, so I explained how she was in the wrong. Her basic argument was that she has been doing what she’s been doing for over 20 years and is significantly older than me, so she knows more. The law is the law, though, and she was in the wrong.

There was a great deal more that went on, but that’s the gist. The most amusing part was her rants on how she threatened to sue me for defamation of character (Ha! Bring it on you salty bitch!).

I really want to go out dancing. I may do that after I make an appearance tonight at a party.