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An open letter to Nick Menke, CEO/Owner of Spa Niva, Tucson.


Please excuse my calling you by your first name.  I assume anyone who’s fucked me over as much as you have is on a first name basis with me.

Yes, I heard what you said to me today while I was working.  I simply didn’t respond because, to be quite honest, I had nothing professional to say to you.  You see, you treated me like trash when I was attempting to do nothing but help both your company’s employees and your company’s bottom line at no cost to you.  Yes, at no m-fing cost to you.

You put me off time and again, I explained how what I was doing worked time and again, you juggled me around and told me who to talk to in order to get my work rolling and then come to you for final authorization.  I did.  And once you juggled me around until well past the start date, I had to lay it out and tell you what needed to be done, sans sugarcoating.

You then proceeded to “fire” me.  And then email me a month later when my boss didn’t get back to you.  I never responded because duh, I wasn’t the agent associated with your company anymore.  You requested that.

Anyway, you lied to your employees about how my company worked, you lied to them as to what we do, and you lied to them about what I could and couldn’t do for them.  Most abhorrently, you shirked the opportunity for them to protect their financial viability while blatantly ignoring IRS law for pre-tax insurance plans.

I know exactly what you pay your employees.  I know the “benefits” you purport to provide and the hoops you make them jump through.  I know how much you charge for services and, I know those margins are terribly slim.  I know that the last company in those buildings which ignored my warnings folded soon after.  Knowing all these things, I know that Spa Niva and its employees desperately needed what I was doing.

Yet you kicked me out and threw a hissy fit when I treated you like an adult instead of a fragile child.

Your firing of me over your failure to meet and run a company and understand what was going on cost me money.  Cost me time.  Set me back.

So, Nick, you insufferable, childish, insolent, tantrum-throwing, power-tripping, douchebag of a human, I did not respond because I did not have anything positive or professional to say to you.  Ironically, what you said is actually quite incorrect, even.  The store you saw me at did not hire me. I was, indeed, hired by a third party company with exquisite prestige in order to introduce the entire state of Arizona to a brand new product.  You just work for an unethical bank and run (quite unethically, I may add) spa.

Speaking of your spa:

I am getting married shortly.  As of this writing it is in 30 days and 20-some hours.  I have a lot of family and a bunch of friends coming from out of town.  They will be looking for things to do, time to kill, and fun to be had.  I have four amazing groomsmen who will be regaled with fun and services at my behest.  My fiancée has four bridesmaids who shall be spoiled.  Your company will not be seeing any of my family, any of our friends, or any of us.  Ever.

Nick, you ever see me again, don’t say a damned word unless it’s to apologize.  Anything more and you shall receive a barrage of words.  Be glad it’s only words I have to offer, as you deserve much worse for the way you treated myself and the way you continually treat others.

Mr. Arriola