Post 27

See that?
That’s the cake I made for my birthday.

Sure, it collapsed in the center some, but it was damn good. From the bottom up it’s yellow cake (made from scratch!) with almond and vanilla extract, almond butter, and orange zest; homemade caramel; mama mia gelato (vanilla with cherry and chocolate) from Cafe Italiano in town; then ganache.


The day was spent with family. Lunch with Jacque, dad, dad’s fiancee, brother, and sis-in-law. Then we went to see half-sis in a Christian Youth Theater production of Tom Sawyer. She had her first lead role, which was quite exciting. She did quite well, I’m very proud of her. I don’t like the CYT group, though. Tom Sawyer isn’t about religion, it’s about things heavier and more important than transcribing a Christian bent on a story which took racism head on.

Fuck, just read the warning in the front of The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn!

That warning? Read below:

Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.
By order of the author


Anywho, then it was off to dinner with the family. Then karaoke, where Jacque and I dressed up and sang out hearts out.

I got to sing a few great rock songs (Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Pride and Joy” and Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”) with the live band.

Then I went back to Jacque’s.

Woke up this morning, breakfast with the family. Rushed off and went to work. Now I’m back off to Jacque’s for some snuggling and warm-fuzzies before I have to carpe diem tomorrow.


I haven’t really had a chance to get caught up on my sleep. It really stinks. Feeling this worn down really gets to you.

I’m really tired of clients that run late, and then work tells me to accept them late at the detriment of my break time. I need a good amount of time to eat so as not to get sick. It’s quite frustrating to have someone pay for only an hour of your time but take an hour and half or more of it.

I’m not Massage Envy’s bitch, really. Right?

I’m still writing down questions for Aflac and getting my mind in the right place. Going to call them tomorrow to get the second interview underway.

Great photoshoot last night. We got some really great stuff. I need to get the proofs gallery up.

And here’s one of the shots from yesterday.

On sails and winds

I went to a networking group lunch today which I was invited to. Spent about 5 minutes there trying to get information about them and who was there and whatnot before plunking down a Hamilton and signing up.

I was interrupted too much to get that information, and then they tried to sign me up. No dice.

The people there seem to be predominately older (50+) and unhealthy. I don’t want to associate with that sort of crowd, as while they may know business, they don’t know the youth. I am interested in catering to athletes for my massage, this group didn’t seem to outwardly have that predisposition. Sadly, I won’t get to find out, as I’m too finicky to give money just to find out what I’m giving money too.

I had a really great interview with Aflac yesterday. They’re considering taking me on as one of their…representatives?…sales people?…field agents?… Well, one of their crew at least. I researched the company and like what they’re about. I believe in their product. I just need to ask them a few (15?) questions and figure out if it’s something I can put massage on the far back burner for.

I’m still sleep deprived. I woke up earlier than my body wanted to in order to make it to the waste-of-time lunch thing. It was even at a restaurant (Sakura) which I detest. The food is subpar and the business practices of the owner are more dubious than a Republican senator at a gay bar.

I really want to work out but have no energy. I think I’m going to fuel up and chill out, get my energy together for a photoshoot tonight. I’m helping get some promo materials for a fire group I work with.

Gonna go pull myself together.

Tri results

I finished 15th overall out of about 360 people. My time was 1:06:42. I came in first in my age group.

Not bad for a first triathlon.

Okay, finally to update this.

In all men, I came in 13th place. There were a total of 18 men in my age group, so coming in first is quite a thrill for me. My swim time was 12:04; my ride time was 33:51 for a mile pace of 2:49; my run was 20:47 for a mile pace of 6:56. Fantastic results for what I was actually expecting!

The biggest pain in the ass was the start. I hadn’t had time to get my goggles situated quite right when they started the race. I ended up swimming it with water in both eyes…half blind! It was a thrilling swim, though.

The ride was great. Some nudnik driver turned out of a neighborhood into the coned off bike lane and drove about a block and a half in front of me for probably a quarter mile. Crazy.

I’m so glad Jacque and Shaina made it, and it was great to see my mom and dad cheering me on with huge smiles!

My dad offered to coach me in running…I’m considering taking him up on the offer. It could be fun.

My pal Cody, who is my mentor in photography and leant me the bike for this event, came out and snapped some fun shots. It was a total surprise to run into him during my first lap running.

Running was great, actually. I maintained a really comfortable, yet intense pace. Everyone I passed got some words of encouragement from me, I know I’d appreciate the same if I got dropped (which I did, and did). One older woman (I know she was older because our ages are written on our calves!) was barely moving along. I told her I knew she had some more left in her and to start kicking it out. She stood up taller, squared her shoulders, and started pumping it out with a big ol’ grin on her face! Made my day.

What a fantastic day! All this on only 2 hours of sleep! Photos of today are in the general photos gallery. 🙂

Tri day

Well, it’s my tri-day.

The Renaissance Faire was a blast yesterday. Jacque seemed to enjoy herself quite a bit and I had a total ball. Lots of fun people, great food, great shows, etc.

I’m warming up for my tri right now, about to take off.

Wish me luck!

First one!

Well, after a long day including triathlon training, my first swim with a swim cap (which was nice!), a fun bachata group lesson, a 21 mile ride (13 of those after a half mile sprint swim), and a 1.7 mile run (undernourished, wanted to do 3.5), I finally got this site up.

I’m really excited to have it up here.

The bachata class was fantastic. I actually went to massage school with the instructor, who is a nationally renowned salsa and bachata teacher. She offered to do trade for either massage or dance lessons. Either one is quite enticing.

Funny thing happened, though, on the ride. I feel in love with the road bike. This has been my first week with not only a road bike, but clipless pedals. I had been apathetic towards the whole thing for my first three rides with it, but today something just clicked and I fell in love with having the bike right on me. I felt like a high speed centaur or something… Oh! It reminded me of those animals in The Amber Spyglass, the last book of the His Dark Materials series (you know, of Golden Compass fame?) Great reads.

Anywho, I’m glad to finally have this up.

I’m going to be slowly transferring my photography from over to over the next…hopefully a week.

Tomorrow is the Renaissance Festival with my wonderful girlfriend, then Sunday is the triathlon and work. Luckily, work has been busy and my paycheck is solid. A couple more solid checks and I should be set for (relative) comfort for the slow season.

I hope to have comments enabled and figured out shortly, plus an RSS feed. Twitter, facebook, and other site links to come soon, as well. And an email specific for this site.

Any suggestions or help, please send an email to!