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Beha-alotecha 5775

Last year, for this parasha, I spoke briefly about these two mysterious upside down nuns in Chapter 10, verses 35 and 36. About how Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, the man who arranged, organized, and composed the Mishnah said that the text between these two nuns should be its...

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D’var: B’Ha Alot’kha

Seven. Seven is the theme of today’s parashah.  Well, one of them.  Seven and love. Today’s reading covers many things, among them are the building and lighting of the menorah lamps, hammered out of solid gold with each side facing the other.  It moves on to the...

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D’var Torah: Behar-Behukotai

I sat down with a man a few weeks ago. He’s a smart, ambitious man with a solid business, and he started talking to me about a major construction project which has been in the midst of some major controversy. I’m going to talk about this project, but I want to be...

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Benchcraft Company

Benchcraft Company. The company that called me during a moment of weakness. That made me realize I really must stop taking people, especially those I don't know, at their word. The company that lied to me so many times over the course of a few hours spread apart over...

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Faith, Family, Business: A Rant

"Faith, Family, then Business" That's the credo of many motivational speakers, company leaders, and frontmen. It is also phrased as "G-d, family, then work." It is how they tell you to prioritize your life in order to achieve success. I have to disagree, though. If...

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D’var B’reshit

Professor Ido Kantor, of Bar-Ilan University, teaches such things as condensed matter physics, phase transitions, theory of neural networks, and quantum spin systems. These are all things which deal with Bereshit. From the explosion of creation of the light and dark...

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