Long overdue

Wow, I haven’t updated in far, far too long.

First off, all those dates I went on ended up in me finding one very amazing girl. Her name is Raquel and we’re quickly closing in on our 1 month “anniversary.” She’s been an amazing addition to my life and has enriched it in many ways. She’s absolutely beautiful, amazingly compassionate, quite giving, and is as crazy about fitness as I am.

I’ve also started to exercise again. I’m tired of sitting on my laurels and getting soft and undefined. I want my damn definition back! I hope to be able to find a good way to do some leg lifts that isn’t on my back, something more comprehensive and intense for my abdominals.

I haven’t been dancing as much as I’d like, but I’ve been getting more involved in Judaism and hiking. Two things which I didn’t realize I missed so much.

Aflac is going pretty slowly, unfortunately. I should be pulling numbers up this week, or at least seriously setting myself up to pull some numbers next week. We’re implementing a new method of prospecting, so cold calling (my weakness!) will matter less.

After uploading this blog I have to stop by my photography site and update that blog. I’ve had a few shoots which I want to share. 🙂

I even had a second letter to the editor published! It’s “Pearce, Brewer have wrong priorities.”

I’m tired. But less tired than I have been. Things are looking up!