The close of 2013

2013.  What a year.

I left a job, started new ventures, learned more than I could have imagined, and traveled to some wondrous places with my amazing wife.

Career wise: I left MarketStar, although they’re trying to get me back, and went to Farmers where I operated my own agency.  I learned so much about sales, prospecting, and business management that I never could have imagined I’d learn.  I learned that I need to stay true to my ideas and my gut, despite what people who “know more” (read: “who think differently”) may say.

I learned much Torah and many teachings.  Even better, I learned the joy of sitting down with fellow students (of life, not of a school) and debating ideas.  We have grown so much closer with our congregation.

Raquel and I got to see parts of the world we haven’t before.  We got to hike in a rainforest!  A rainforest!  We saw unbelievable beaches, talked with unbelievable people, and ate unbelievable food.  We finally got to celebrate our love with a honeymoon.  Our honeymoon wasn’t just fun and bonding: we learned about foods, chocolate, US territories, native cultures, and other countries.

I was lucky to see someone who was stuck in a miserable relationship pry himself out of it.  No one should be with someone who represses who they are.  This man, a wonderful man, finally reclaimed his life and his morals.

Most of all, Raquel and I have grown closer.  My wife (I still love saying that, even after a year) is the pillar that holds me up, she’s the anchor to my ship when I start to drift, she’s the sun and moon to my days.  I’m still learning how much she means to me, even now.  Without her I wouldn’t have inspiration to better myself or drive to succeed.  Without her I’m only mediocre.

2013 was a great year.  2014 will be better yet.