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Wow, it’s been too long since I’ve written.
Yesterday was Jacque and my fifth month. I’m so excited to have shared five months of life and emotion and trust with someone so amazing as her. I really am.
I made my first sale through Aflac last week. I received the commission from it today. I had my first employer meeting last week. I had my first employee presentation today. I took second in command on all those — my district coordinator took the reins and showed me the ropes. I have an employee presentation tomorrow, but everyone above me is in Phoenix for the weekend so I get to go at it alone. I’m freakin’ scared, but so damn excited.
I have two employer meetings, one presentation (which may turn into an enrollment), and two enrollments next week. I’m so stoked.
Once things settle down I hope…wait…no…I will get back into a regular workout schedule. As it is, I now have a sporadic riding and swim buddy. She was a sprinter on a swim team, so we both have some things we can learn from each other.
It’s time to go off to celebrate. Life is freakin’ grand.