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I’ve been studying diligently (except for the past two days…brain recovery time!) for the insurance exam. The test is Friday in Tempe. I’m hoping to have lunch with a friend up there after I kick ass on the test and get my insurance license.

I’m slowly, steadily, making headway into eliminating my sleep deficit and starting to work out again. I’ve missed swimming…it’s terribly cathartic to feel the water against me as I push through it, breathing in a controlled, finite manner. The pool right by my house opened back up for the summer (through the fall). I’m really enjoying that convenience along with the familiar crew that lifeguards there. Great people, great times.

I’ve had some good photography, as well. Fire shoots are always fun and family shoots can really warm the cockles of your heart! I also have a good number of dates that I’m modeling at Art Institute, just for a little financial cushion.

It’s still hard to get my butt going and working out in the mornings, but it’s getting easier. The weather getting warmer helps immensely, although it does take a different kind of energy to exercise in warmth than it does in cold. I suppose I’ll only have to get used to exercising in warmth for a few weeks, no? Soon I’ll be exercising in heat. Searing, blistering, wonderful heat!

This is the last week of my tenure at Massage Envy. I hope both my shirts make it through the week. One of them is really on the fritz. They both have holes where they’re not supposed to, the edges of the sleeves are separating from the sleeves, the bottom right corner of the button part on the front has a hole, the top of the button part is frayed… They’re a mess. And Envy didn’t have a plan to replace them.

That’s enough whinging about that, though. Soon it will be irrelevant.

I’m excited for the new career. Really excited. My dad thinks it’s a good change. I had lunch with him the other day and told him what I could. It’s really good to have his support through this.