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I went to a networking group lunch today which I was invited to. Spent about 5 minutes there trying to get information about them and who was there and whatnot before plunking down a Hamilton and signing up.

I was interrupted too much to get that information, and then they tried to sign me up. No dice.

The people there seem to be predominately older (50+) and unhealthy. I don’t want to associate with that sort of crowd, as while they may know business, they don’t know the youth. I am interested in catering to athletes for my massage, this group didn’t seem to outwardly have that predisposition. Sadly, I won’t get to find out, as I’m too finicky to give money just to find out what I’m giving money too.

I had a really great interview with Aflac yesterday. They’re considering taking me on as one of their…representatives?…sales people?…field agents?… Well, one of their crew at least. I researched the company and like what they’re about. I believe in their product. I just need to ask them a few (15?) questions and figure out if it’s something I can put massage on the far back burner for.

I’m still sleep deprived. I woke up earlier than my body wanted to in order to make it to the waste-of-time lunch thing. It was even at a restaurant (Sakura) which I detest. The food is subpar and the business practices of the owner are more dubious than a Republican senator at a gay bar.

I really want to work out but have no energy. I think I’m going to fuel up and chill out, get my energy together for a photoshoot tonight. I’m helping get some promo materials for a fire group I work with.

Gonna go pull myself together.