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Massage Envy called me today (tomorrow is my last day there) and told me that my one client for tomorrow cancelled (he’s a repeat with my information who is likely to follow…) so they just took me off the books.

I’m free!!!

So I get to sleep in tomorrow. Then take a simulated insurance licensing exam, then take my exit paperwork and some bread I baked for my (now former) coworkers into that place I now no longer work. Then take that simulated exam again.

I have a couple other errands and tasks to do tomorrow, as well. A part of the rearview mirror on my bike broke off, so I have to replace that. I also want to lube the drivetrain, but I’m out of lube, so that needs picking up. My bike also needs the rear derailer cable replaced, although that’s not crucial (yet). Finally, it’s time to put the rear fender back on, as the weather could be soggy the next few days…I’ve been lazy about getting that back on for the past three months… Y’know how it is!

Been editing some photos in the very little spare time I have. Oh look, here’s one!

On a really serious note, while I’m happy to be leaving Massage Envy; happy to never have to deal with missing files, late clients, and idiotic scheduling mishaps, I’m really going to miss my coworkers.