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I finished 15th overall out of about 360 people. My time was 1:06:42. I came in first in my age group.

Not bad for a first triathlon.

Okay, finally to update this.

In all men, I came in 13th place. There were a total of 18 men in my age group, so coming in first is quite a thrill for me. My swim time was 12:04; my ride time was 33:51 for a mile pace of 2:49; my run was 20:47 for a mile pace of 6:56. Fantastic results for what I was actually expecting!

The biggest pain in the ass was the start. I hadn’t had time to get my goggles situated quite right when they started the race. I ended up swimming it with water in both eyes…half blind! It was a thrilling swim, though.

The ride was great. Some nudnik driver turned out of a neighborhood into the coned off bike lane and drove about a block and a half in front of me for probably a quarter mile. Crazy.

I’m so glad Jacque and Shaina made it, and it was great to see my mom and dad cheering me on with huge smiles!

My dad offered to coach me in running…I’m considering taking him up on the offer. It could be fun.

My pal Cody, who is my mentor in photography and leant me the bike for this event, came out and snapped some fun shots. It was a total surprise to run into him during my first lap running.

Running was great, actually. I maintained a really comfortable, yet intense pace. Everyone I passed got some words of encouragement from me, I know I’d appreciate the same if I got dropped (which I did, and did). One older woman (I know she was older because our ages are written on our calves!) was barely moving along. I told her I knew she had some more left in her and to start kicking it out. She stood up taller, squared her shoulders, and started pumping it out with a big ol’ grin on her face! Made my day.

What a fantastic day! All this on only 2 hours of sleep! Photos of today are in the general photos gallery. 🙂