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What an exciting day! Today is the first day without Worldly Soles holding me back from getting my work done. I haven’t cold called today, but I’ve already set 3 networking appointments and am gearing up to kick some ass on some warm leads after they’re done with their lunch rushes.

The networking they’re teaching us at work is amazing. I’m so excited to be using it and working it. It’s been an amazing asset and I’ve already got seven businesses between yes and no. This week is all about setting the appointments I’ve been working on and getting those businesses on board.

In other news, Raquel and I are looking at a couple different places. We’re looking at a two bedroom house tomorrow and, hopefully, a three bedroom as well. I really hope this place is the one. I don’t want Raquel to stress out more over looking for a place to move to and I’m ready to start packing with certainty.

I love Raquel, I love our dog, and I love myself..