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I’ve registered for the insurance test and will start studying today.

That means I turn in my 2 weeks today, as well.

I’ve also put together some information for my clients so they know a little about why I’m leaving and how to reach me. As much as Massage Envy would like to leave them in the dark about my departure, I cannot facilitate that. Servicing their needs and giving them as much information as possible are two predominant traits of a reasonably competent massage therapist, of which I fancy myself as being. Hell, I’d say I’m even a little more than reasonably competent!

The only issue I have today is that I seem to have misplaced one of the full-fingered riding gloves. It’s frakin’ chilly outside!

I had a great Bowenwork treatment yesterday. The first one I had (last week) was okay, but yesterday’s was amazing! I feel like my entire chest and lungs are far more open, like I can breathe deeper and the air I breathe actually goes deeper in my body. Great stuff!

More fantastic news: the pool right by my house is open again! I’ve missed the convenience of the pool and the crew that works it. I hope to start swimming more because of the seasonal re-opening. We’ll see what happens with the new job and how much time I’ll have, though.